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Welcome to the fake hair community. First, a little bit about us..

A few notes:
1. This community is modded by xsourkittenx, iconnu, theinnocence, and goetia. If you feel someone is out of line, please take it to any of the above.

2. If you are going to post pictures of your hair, make sure we can actually see your hair. The focus is not your knees, ass, or eyebrows. We don't care about your skills of looking pouty for the webcam, we want to see the hair. This is not a vanity community or a rating community. If you're looking for that, go get stamped somewhere and leave us alone. Keep things on-topic. If you're unsure about whether your post will be on topic, ask a moderator. Also (and this bit blatently nabbed from latexcrafters) details about methods are strongly encouraged! We can learn from each other, but not if you post "look at this spiffy thing I just made. Isn't it neat?" and there are no details about some useful technique you learned or used. Everyone does things a little differently, sharing techinques allows us to grow as a crafting community.

3. If you are going to post more than one picture, please post the rest behind an LJ-cut. Also, don't post pictures wider than 600px. (How do I make an LJ-cut?)

4. No ad posts are allowed. The exception to this is to announce sales of online suppliers or neat supply finds if you are not the supplier. Anyone thought to be trying to wonk this rule will be banned ("You post about my sale on dreads, and I'll post about yours."). This isn't about the marketing.. it's about the craft. Take your ads to synhair_sale, it's why the community exists. This also includes posts seeking services (eg. I need 50 de spiral dreads for $5, any takers?). Posts seeking suppliers are quite alright (eg. I can't find baby blue pro-silky anywhere) Reviews of suppliers and vendors are allowed, however, if you are going to post a review of a dreadmaker, wigmaker, extensioneer, etc, please do provide the name and pictures of the product. Along with a price range if possible.

5. Keep your quiz results to yo' damned self.

6. On rare occasion, ads promoting other communities may be allowed. Clear it with one of the moderators before you post, lest you find it deleted and you banned. This community will not turn into a whore-all, thank you very much.

7. Use a descriptive subject for your posts. This is a fairly high volume community and not using subject lines makes browsing the archives a major pain in the patootie. Posts w/o a subject line, if not edited before the post is off the main page of the community ot include a subject, will be deleted.

8. Please don't use large/obnoxious fonts.

9. Please don't feel the need to apologize for text only posts. This isn't fake_hair_pix, text is welcome here.

10. There is more to life than dreads. We love them as much as the next person, but seriously, there is more to life than dreads.

[- other communites dealing with fake hair - ]
synhair_sale a place for all your buying/selling/trading fake hair needs
fake_hair_pix post away your proud creations or get ideas from other people in this all visual community just for us types!
hair_extensions for extensions (duh) of both the human hair and synth kind and nothing but extensions
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wigmakers more to life than dreadfalls. wigs only.
fakehairlearner a place for all those basic questions and for sharing ideas with other people new to fake hair
fakehair_extras supplies, supplies, supplies.

fakehair_finns finland
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[- things the community loves to see and would be happy to see more of: - ]
post your "how to" 's! from putting on wigs to synth up-do's!
pictures of your creations, especially when they accompany information on what's in them and how you put them together!
product reviews!
new techniques!
unusual and interesting materials used!