Ready made DE kits

I just got a rather unfortunate hair cut and would love to throw some DE in there to hide it, but my cat has apparently destroyed my last set. I can't seem to find any suppliers I am familiar with who offer pre-made kits anymore, only customer orders. Which, would be lovely, but I don't want to walk around with bad hair for 2-6 weeks. Does anyone have a supplier recommendation for me? I am located in Toronto so someone in North America would be preferred for timeliness.

Dread installers in England

I'm moving from Canada to England in August for grad school and I am looking for someone who is able to install double ended dreads.  I'm not 100% as to which area I am moving to, but most likely either Manchester or Leicester, but I am willing to travel if necessary.  Any help is welcome. 

Wire Hair Extensions?

I was wondering if anyone here could help me find wire hair extensions like these. So far these are the only ones I can find, and the shade of brown offered isn't quite what I'm looking for. I've found similar looking wig extensions, but WITHOUT the wiring, which is crucial for me. I have shorter hair and want to use these as fake buns, but I can't use drawstring bun extensions that are meant to be placed over your own hair buns. I need extensions you can attach via, say, an alligator clip.

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question about extensions.

I've been making falls for years, but for the first time, I decided to braid a full head of single enders into my head. What's the best way to wash my scalp while I have them in? I don't want to get the dreads saturated with water, as that would be extremely heavy and uncomfortable.

An Experiment in Straightening Kanekalon Jumbo Braid - Photos!

Hi guys! So being home for Christmas has left me with an awful lot of time on my hands, so what else is there to do but play around with fake hair!

I've been toying with the idea of making a synthetic wig from scratch for NYE (the one I ordered won't get here in time - damn back orders!) I generally prefer shopping at local suppliers rather than online because of the instant gratification. I also feel more at ease being able to actually see the color I'm buying. The problem is, the stores I go to have pretty slim pickings when it comes to the colors available in KK silky braid. So I have to resort to using Kanekalon Jumbo Braid. I want the hair to be smooth and not kinky like it is when it comes straight out of the package, and I've heard you can straighten it to be almost as smooth as silky straight...

So I was goofing around with different methods I've read about and came out with some interesting results that some of you might find helpful:

From left to right: Untouched KK Jumbo Braid, Jumbo Braid spritzed with water and straightened with a hair dryer on medium, and Jumbo Braid straightened with steam heat

The sample straightened with steam heat even has some shine to it now! I'm not sure if it's AS soft/shiny as KK silky straight, but it's a lot better than the original. If anybody can attest to how it compares to silky straight, let me know! It seems like steam heat is always the better choice when dealing with KK braid.

Thanks for looking! Sorry if this is old news to a lot of you - I just wanted to get this community moving T__T

HUNDREDS of stolen photos: groups in

I have some thousand + stolen photos for you ladies.

Find yours?
Once you've found your photos from the original site, contact support(at) with links.

If / when you recognize some other seller's photos, please inform them directly and let us know who you've recognized and informed.

All the photos and info about the case under the cut.

There are three different selling-groups, so three different photo-stealing-sellers in question.

The first gallery:

Collapse )

Satelina Perfect synthetic hair has hundreds of stolen photos

The site has at least three groups that include hundreds of stolen pictures and not just for inspiration: there are people trying to sell their work by your images.

Group 1)
This group
--> run by Valeria Olkashina:
249 photos

2) Satelina Perfect Synthetic Hair
---> run by Alessa Satelina Borisova:
1171 photos... o_O

Satelina is also in Facebook:

So this Satelina does this kind of business...

3) Sweet Hair Extensions
--> run by Jeanne Kutyrev?
321 photos
- In this group LS7 has her own, named album.
- She does state that content of one album is "work she wants to copy", and I don't recognize the photos she claims her own work. It seems, that she is not trying to sell other people's work, but still using too many photos without permission.

creative dread fall advice?

Hey everyone :)
I've been wearing my set of dreadfalls for a long time now, and I've decided I've grown bored of wearing them in the generic pigtails on either side of head look.  I'm not much for a plain ponytail either.  However, I'm at a loss as to how else to wear them.   Livejournal's being stupid right now and not letting me post pictures, so I'll just describe my falls (they're not very complicated.)  They're a set of two straight 50 count single-ended dreads, a bit longer than shoulder legnth, and layered.  They are strung on a stretchy piece of elastic and kept on by two easily removable wooden beads for each dread.  This means I could easily remove/manipulate some of the dreads without ruining the falls
So, my question is, can anyone suggest/post pictures/tutorials/videos of ways to wear dreadfalls at least similar to mine that aren't the basic pigtail look?